International Project Finance

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 focus relates to project funding for your business whether your needs are to fund Construction, Expansion or Trade - whatever your aim, our funding solutions are structured to meet your needs in the quickest and most cost-effective manner available. 

We offer a few options for funding of projects or "wealth-building". The optiones change from time-to-time and availability cannot be guaranteed at any one time.
PLEASE NOTE : Many potential clients take a long time preparing their documentation and miss out on a specific program - unfortunately, this cannot be helped.

  2. ONE-WAY SWIFT (Fast Private Placement Program). Client must have 25 Million Eu BG from top 25 Bank OR 50 Million Eu CASH.
  3. BULLET PROGRAM (Fast Private Placement Program).
  4. 40-week Private Placement Program. 


     Take This Set of Circumstances as an Example :

     Your Possible Requirements                         Our ability to Assist you

    • International Project Finance
    • Business Expansion
    • International Trade opportunity
    • Equipment and Plant Purchases
    • Product Purchase
    • Import / Export trade
    • Personal Financial
    • Quick Access to Funds 
    • Minimal Start-up Costs 
    • Minimal Documentation 
    • Rapid Processing Time 
    • You need some funds of your own
    •  Apart from all these options, we also 
      offer a "NON-RECOURSE" Facility

DELTA TRUST is the Lender which is owned by Moniworx Pty Ltd. Moniworx Pty Ltd is a privately owned company based in Australia providing International Project Finance through a limited number of reliable Finance sources who have  the ability to fund worthwhile projects in most countries. We can fund projects quickly and efficiently with BOTH minimal cost and maximum benefits to the owner.


    Documentary Compliance and adherance to procedures is important to qualify.
    We do NOT work with Applicants who want to "do it their way !"
  • We ARE the Lender on Non-Recourse Loans
  • There is an Application Fee payable - BUT fully refunded if your Application is rejected

    Types of projects and applications :
     Refineries, Power Plants / Renewable Energy (Solar, Wind, Hydro and Electrical), Real Estate, Hotels, Commercial Developments, Specialised Plants, Hospitals and Medical Centers, Business Expansions and Business Acquisitions, Infrastructure – Ports, Roads, Railways, Water Treatment Plants, Global transactions and Import / Export etc - even personal wealth building ....

     Wind Power          Refinery     Hospital / Medical Complex 
    Wind Turbines - Economic Power    Oil Refinery  Hospital / Medical Complex

We have a highly "concentrated" funding program available
(subject to qualification)

* Construction Finance
* Project Finance
* Agriculture
* Medical

* International Trade
* Structured Finance
* Infrastructure
* Energy

We try to assist our clients with careful guidance in order to
quickly and efficiently provide them with their funding.
Brokers & Intermediaries are welcome, but ..
Please Note :
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In providing Project Finance and related services, we are not in any way acting as legal, tax, accounting and / or professional adviser, or giving legal, tax or other professional advice. We strongly recommend that all clients obtain independent legal or tax advice, as appropriate from a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Chartered Accountant (CA) firm, Attorney-at-Law, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or any other licensed professional as regulated by their State or Country. Our services are not offered to any person or persons, entity or entities in any jurisdiction, State or Country anywhere in the world where our services are prohibited by law or where any regulations require Moniworx Pty Ltd to be subject to any registration or licensing requirements. Moniworx Pty Ltd is a registered Australian Company.